Education and Study Experience

2016 Awarded Adv. Dip. in Ayurveda commenced work as an Ayurvedic Practitioner at Aspects of Healing, Ayurveda Village, and heART of Ayurveda; combining Ayurvedic healing, Lifestyle & Art                                                                                                    2015 (July/Aug) Studied Life-drawing & Painting, & Landscape at the Slade School of Fine Art, London, visited Paris Galleries and Monet’s Garden as part of the Carclew Minister's Education and Arts Award                                                                2014 Awarded the 2014 Carclew Minister's Education and Arts Award for professional development.                                        2012 -2014 Studio work and teaching (ceramics, drawing, painting), Life-drawing                                                                 2012 Awarded Cert IV Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant (Indian) studying Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda                                     2010-2011 Awarded Cert IV Teacher Training and Assessment TAFE                                                                                                 2009 Awarded; Advanced Diploma in Live Design, Theatre and Event, Adelaide Centre for the Arts                             2007 Introduction to Festival and Event Design and Management, workshop, Flinders University                                                    2003-2007 Studied; Life-drawing 1, 2 & 3 at Adelaide Central School of Art                                                                       2004 Awarded; Masters of Visual Art degree, S.A. School of Art, Uni.S.A. Research thesis titled, ‘The Danced Space, Ancient and Modern: The Role of Transformation in Classical Indian and Modern Dance’. Research thesis, producer/artistic director/designer of community outdoor dance performance event, 'Circling the Square' involving 100 people, performers, community, schools, including contemporary dancers, Indian dancers, yogis and community.
2004 Awarded; Ashtanga Yoga Teaching, Adelaide Ashtanga Yoga Shala                                                                                      2002 Presented ‘The Danced Space: Ancient and Modern’ seminar paper to the Visual Art and Design Research Group, Uni. S.A.    2000 Traveled to India to research and observe classical Indian dance styles at the Bhatya Kalakendra dance Academy, and to observe rituals and performances of the Rasalila, dance of Krishna and the gopis, as part of Masters study.                        2000 Traveled throughout Italy – viewing art, architecture and design                                                                                               1999 Awarded; Diploma in Yoga Teaching SAIYTA                                                                                                                            1998 Participated in a Cultural Exchange program in Bali as resident designer for Diwali Dance House contemporary dance company, with workshops in Balinese dance and music, and yoga                                                                                                    1994 Traveled to Italy to study the regional art, design and architecture.                                                                                            1994 Studied Ceramic hand-building techniques with Liz Williams at Adelaide Central School of Art and North Adelaide School of Art, and taught her classes while she was on an overseas residency                                                                                                1989-90 Study tour of traditional ceramics in Rajasthan, India including clayworkshops and miniature painting workshops with Kripal Singh, who rediscovered and redeveloped ancient traditional techniques                                                                                          1984 Completed; B.A. in Fine Arts at the South Australian School of Art, S.A.C.A.E                                                                    Studied paper-making and book-binding techniques with Dion Channer                                                                                          1980-83 Traveled throughout Australia, Europe and North Africa. Worked on a series of linocut prints based on my experiences with the Kabylie women of North Africa, which developed into a limited edition of 50 hand-bound books with handmade paper, titled  ‘The Sun is in my Heart’.


Visual Art Teaching

2017 Artist in Residence at Marryatville Primary School: worked with 150 students to create the 'Music Box Project', converting a ship's container into a music practice room, including preliminary drawings, design and painting, based on traveling music boxes in Europe                    2017 Mandala Workshop: Workshops for individual and group mandalas including history, theory and concept of mandala making                2016 Artist for 'Rangoli on Main': painting permanent Rangoli on Main street at art event, Henley Square                                                      2016 Rangoli chalk artist for 'Jane's Walk' world wide walk around sites of interest in one's own village neighbourhood                                    2016 'Rangoli Round Henley', Henley community project. Chalking Rangoli to define the original Henley village.                                                  2016 Community Artist for Dragonboat painting project with Henley community for the 2016 International Dragonboat Racing Festival     2015 Artist for Community Art project, 'Poles Apart' stobey pole painting with Henley community.                                                               2015 Artist in Residency at Marryatville Primary School, working with years 1-4 on Tree of Life mural project                                                2014 Artist in Residency (Carclew) at Lyndoch Proimary School, working with Reception to year 7, creating large ceramic totems, a mural and ceramic pavers                                                                                                                                                                                                     2011-2013 Teaching Water-colour techniques to Architecture students at Uni SA, and Drawing and Art workshops privately
 Artist in Residency in primary schools across Adlaide constructing large Signature Lanterns and individual lanterns for the Moon Lantern Festival, OzAsia Festival.
2012 Teaching in the Flinders University Foundation Studies Program
2011 Teaching Painting, Adelaide College of the Arts, 
2010 Artist in Residency: Carclew at Lockleys North Primary School. Designing and Making Costumes, Set and Props for 'Lockie the Leafy Sea Dragon' musical Reception to year 7
2010 Taught Painting to 2nd and 3rd year BA in Visual Arts degree and Cert IV at Adelaide College for the Arts
2006-9 Taught Set and Costume design drawing and Life-drawing at Adelaide Centre for the Arts.
2005-2006 Artist in Residency Design process and workshops for large outdoor mosaic murals, and stobie pole designs with painting workshops, Lockleys North Primary school.
2004-2005 Taught Painting BA Visual Arts, at Adelaide Centre for the Arts.
2005 Comeout festival workshops with primary schools.
2004 Fringe Event Design process and painting of outdoor wall mural in Art Alley, (Solomon St.) with Yr. 11 Seymour College girls.
2001-2004 Artist in Residency Design and practical implementation of Henley Beach Primary School’s main entrance archway, courtyard, gardens and fencing. Included design and construction workshops for students in mosaic, metal silhouettes for fencing, mosaic pots, stobie pole murals, landscape design, outdoor ceramic tiles and courtyard flags. 
2001-2002 Design and paint workshops for 20 umbrellas for the Festival of the Coast, Henley Primary School and a series of dance workshops and rehearsals for local community to participate in the dance event, ‘Circling the Square’.
2001 Taught Drawing to Architecture and Design students at University of S.A.
1990-2000 Taught Drawing, Painting, Foundation Studies, Design and Conceptual Development at the North Adelaide School of Art. 
1994-98 Taught Costume, Construction and Design to Yr 3 BA. Dance students, Adelaide University
1994-98 Developed Access Arts, providing art education programs for 5-16 year olds in schools and after school art programs.
1995 Come Out Festival. Curated: ’Images of the Orchestra’, an exhibition of children’s painting and drawing, Adelaide Festival Foyer.
1995 Commissioned to paint portraits of two well-known Adelaide personalities
1994 Commissioned to paint two murals at Grange Primary School.
1993 Taught Drawing and Fabrication techniques to Aboriginal students, North Adelaide School of Art.



Solo Exhibitions

2015-17 Working on proposed exhibition of paintings, 'Portraits of Young Women'                                                                                             2011 SALA Exhibition 'Crossing the Waters', Red Opus Artspace, New works on paper
2010 Botanical Gardens Restaurant Exhibition, 'Riding the Sky', Oil Paintings
2009 Exhibition proposal 'Throw a stone and walk to it' accepted by the 2011 Prague Stage Design Quadreniel, to represent Australia. This exhibition features cutting edge contemporary dance and physical theature.
2009 Adelaide Central Gallery:Sutraexhibition, New works on handmade papers and watercolours. (Jan)
2007 Lilla’s Café: ‘Ode to the Vegetable’ watercolours.
2005 Grange studio exhibition of recent work.
2004 Light Square Gallery, AIT Arts Centre, Adelaide: The Danced Space, a mixed media exhibition including works on paper, set designs and props, film and Indian dance performance, (May)
2002 Ausdance Studio, ‘Circling the Square’ an exhibition of works on hand-made paper, (Feb)
Prospect Gallery, Adelaide: Riding the Sky, Exhibition of oil paintings (Feb).
1994 Kensington Gallery, Adelaide: Exhibition of Set and Costume Design Drawings (Jan).
1994 Adelaide Festival Centre: Exhibition of Set and Costume Design Drawings (April).
1989 Perth Institute of Contemporary Art: Learning to FlyExhibition of Gouache Paintings.
1988 Hogarth Gallery, Sydney: ‘The Sun is in my Heart’, Exhibition of lino-cut prints and book.
1987 Tynte Gallery, Adelaide:The Illuminated Garden’, a series of gouache paintings.
1986 Editions Gallery, Melbourne: 'The Sun is in my Heart’, exhibition of lino-cut prints and book.
1985 The Jam Factory Gallery, Adelaide: Exhibition of lino-cut prints, lithographs and hand-bound books, 'The Sun is in my Heart'
1985 Contemporary Arts Society, Adelaide: ‘Angel with Broken Wing’, Oil, acrylic and gouache paintings and drawings.

Group Exhibitions

2013 Exhibited in New York in Agora Gallery, 'Out from Downunder' exhibition
2010 SALA Exhibition, Red Opus Artspace and Shankers Restaurant
March Red Poles Gallery, 'Passages from India' mixed media on canvas.
2010 January RedOpus ArtSpace, 'Food for Thought' paintings.
2008-9 Festival Centre Foyer gallery: Meet the Maker’ exhibition of set and costume design.
2005 Urban Cow Studio Gallery: JuJu 3, mixed media on handmade papers.
2004 Fringe Festival exhibition, Art Alley:  ‘Outdoors (in)’. A street installation, mixed media
2002 Alleycat Gallery Adelaide: ‘Urbanscape, Collage, ink, gouache, mixed media on canvas. 
1998 North Adelaide School of Art Gallery: ’Beware of the Dog’. Wall installation
Prospect Gallery: ‘The Human Form as Art’, Ceramic installation and drawing.
1994 May, Kensington Gallery, Adelaide: ‘The Knitterati’, hand-knitted garments, fabric, furniture
1993 Boyd Gallery, Narellan, Sydney: Hand-knitted Garments.
1992 Grange Studio Gallery, Adelaide: Oil Paintings.
1992 Art Image Gallery, Adelaide: Tibet Human Rights Art Exhibition: Paintings.
1992 North Adelaide School of Art Gallery, Staff Exhibition: Paintings.
1991 Victorian Art Centre, Melbourne: ‘The Art of Knitting’. Hand knitted garments.
1989 Kensington Gallery, Adelaide: ‘The Knitterarti’, hand-knitted garments, fabric and paintings.
1989 Marimura Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan: Art Knits Bicentennial Exhibition’.
1988 Paddinghurst Gallery, Sydney: Lino Prints.
1988 Art Gallery of NSW: Art Knits Bicentennial Exhibition’.
1986 Royal Society for the Arts, Adelaide: Prints and Drawings.
1986 The Australian Wool Board Exhibitions (yearly).
1986 Factotum Gallery, Melbourne: ‘Winter Colours’, hand-knitted garments
1985 Contemporary Arts Society: 16 New Painters’, graduate exhibition, oil and acrylic paintings
1985 ANZART, Auckland, New Zealand, hand-bound books.
1985 Hilton International Hotel, Adelaide: ‘Studio 7’: Prints and Knitwear.
1985 Adelaide Art Exchange: ‘Knitting Up a Storm’. Hand-knitted garments
1984 South Australian College of Art Gallery: ‘Paintings as Process’, Paintings
1979 Adelaide University Gallery: Women's Art Movement, Print Exhibition, silk-screen prints

Set and Costume Design

2014 Set piece and painting on stage for Perth, Canning Asian Art Festival, outdoor dance performance event.                                           2011-13 Designed and made signature lanterns for the Moon Lantern Festival Parade, OzAsia Festival.
2010  Created sets and costumes with Lockleys North Primary school students for the musical, 'Lockie the Leafy Sea Dragon'. 
Designing sets for 2 new dance pieces, Roadkillby Leigh Warren and The Main Event’ by Sol Ulbrich and Alison Currie, including implementation of the design.
2008  Designed, painted and constructed parts of the set for Meta Quantum Geek’, contemporary dance piece choreographedby Aiden Kane Munn. 
2008  Designed set and costumes for City of Angels, musical comedy directed by David Mealor. (June)
2008  Assistant designer with Dan Potra for Leigh Warren’s Sevena new contemporary dance piece for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. (Feb)
2007  Designed set for Carpet Snake, contemporary dance choreographed by Peter Sheedy (Nov)
2002 Artistic director, set and costume designer and producer of, ‘Circling the Square’, the opening outdoor ceremony for Henley Square’s Festival of the Coast, a dance performance event involving a fusion of Indian dance, contemporary dance, with Diwali Dance House, yoga, musicians, local schools and community. Initiated workshops in schools and with community that included 100 participants. (Feb)
2000 Adelaide Fringe Festival: Design and construction of sets and costumes for two new dance pieces, ‘There is no Devotion unless the Body is Spent’  and ‘From the Court of the Fish-eyed Goddess’  performed by Diwali Dance House.
1998 Designed set & costumes for ‘As much concealed as revealed’ performed by Diwali Dance House in Rundle Mall and Madley dance space. This toured to Balubulan, Bali as part of a Cultural exchange project. (Nov)
1998 Adelaide Fringe Festival, designed set and costumes for ‘Desperado’ by Diwali Dance House.
1995 Designed sets and costumes for two new dance pieces, ‘Wisdom from the Farther Bank’ and ‘Rumplestiltskin’s Revenge’, Australian/American University Dance Exchange. (Nov)
1995 Redesigned costumes for Petrouchka, on tour to Indonesia with Leigh Warren and Dancers.
1994 Designed costumes for ‘Women Warrior’s, choreographed by Simi Roche, and performed by Ronin Dancers in Adelaide and Perth. 
1994 Designed and constructed sets for ‘Fables, Psalms and Proverbs’ a collaborative performance by the Dance, Drama and Music students, University of Adelaide. (Oct)
1993 Designed set and costumes for David Roche's new dance piece ‘Five Sacred Rhythms’. (April)
1993 Designed set and costumes for A Tale of Ordinary Magic’, choreographed by Simi Roche and performed by Leigh Warren and Dancers. (Sept)
1993 Art Director to the film A Tale of Ordinary Magic’. (Sept)
1993 Designed and built sets for ‘Cabaret Dada’, a performance piece created by the Dance, Drama and Music students, University of Adelaide. (Oct)
1992 Designed sets and costumes for Leigh Warren's Petrouchka’, performed by Australian Dance Theatre, which included designing and painting 100 meters of silk as part of the set design. This toured to Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney and then to Europe.
1989 Collaborated with choreographer, John McLaughlin to create and produce Learning to Fly’, a dance piece performed by the Share Site Dance Ensemble at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, W.A. Constructed wire and paper sculptural forms for the set, designed costumes, poster, program and exhibited at PICA
1988 Adelaide Festival Fringe: Created costumes and masks for ‘Legend: Part One’, as artist in residence, choreographed by David Roche, Adelaide University Dance Dept.
1988 Bicentennial Exhibition: Created New Moon Dreamscostume for the Art Knits touring exhibition and video at Art Gallery of NSW; exhibited at Marimura Art Museum in Tokyo.
1988 Created sets and costumes, three dance pieces choreographed by John McLaughlin for Share Site Dance Ensemble, Perth, WA, based on Sally Morgan's novel, My Place’.
1987 Designed costumes and painted on stage during Titled Nightly’, a dance piece choreographed by John McLaughlin for the West Australian Ballet Company.
1986 Adelaide Festival Fringe: Costumes for ‘Box Canyon Misfits’, choreographed by David Roche.
1985 Designed costumes for Julia Blaikie’s new dance-piece for the Adelaide Dance Company.
1984 Designed set and costumes for Julia Blaikie's The Pebbled Shore performed by ADT.
1983 Assistant costume designer for the film ‘Run, Chrissie, Run’ by S.A. Film Corp. and for ‘The Abduction from the Seraglio’ by S.A. Opera Company

Grants and Collections

2014 Received the 2014 Carclew Education and Arts Ministers Award for professional development                                                            2011-15 Received City of Charles Sturt Community Grants for Stobey pole paintings, Main street paintings, Rangoli chalkings, permanent Rangoli in the Square, Dragon Boat Painting.
Received the City of Charles Sturt Community Grant for the development and implementation of the ‘Festival of the Coast’ event.
2000 Received Arts S.A. Grant for Adelaide Fringe Festival, Design and construction of two dance pieces with Diwali Dance House.
1998 Rundle Mall Performance, Adelaide City Council Grant, costumes and concept.
1989 Collaborative dance performance, Learning to Fly concept, design and construction, Australia Council grant, performed at PICA, Perth
The Sun is in my Heart limited edition, hand-bound bookis included in the South Australian Library and National ‘Fine and Rare Book’ collections in Australia and in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, ‘Sir Walter’ portrait is included in the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra. Paintings, prints, drawings and ceramics in private collections in Australia and Europe. ‘